June, 2021

Dora Maar Reading of Equilateral

A wonderful month at the Dora Maar House in Menerbes, France. We couldn't have our regular monthly salon this time, but here I am in my office, reading from my novel, "Equilateral."


January, 2021

Leyner Hume Gide reviews

A Times Shortlist review of three "experimental" novels by Mark Leyner, Andrei Gide and Catherine Hume.


July, 2020

Teddy Wayne Apartment Review

A friendship between two Columbia MFA students founders on questions of talent and privilege. My review of Teddy Wayne's "Apartment" in the Financial Times.


July, 2020

In Little America

A migrant looks for safe haven "In Little America." An excerpt from my forthcoming novel, at n + 1.


April, 2020

No Signal Area Perisic

A new Croatian novel, set in the postwar Balkans, draws sly parallels between failed countries and failed loves. Not unresonant reading in our own failing country. My NY Times review of "No-Signal Area"


February, 2020

Advice to writers

I was asked a few questions about the writing life by Advice To Writers


January, 2020

Philip Roth’s Plo Against Americat, After Trump

David Simon's thrilling alt-history HBO series "Plot Against America," seems especially prescient these days. But, as I write for Agni Magazine, Philip Roth's 2004 novel had a contemporary target: the Dems who abetted Bush's invasion of Iraq..


November, 2018

Trump Cleaners

My dad opens a dry cleaner in Trump Village, circa 1964. In the London Review of Books, a brief blog item.


October, 2018

Deborah Eisenberg Duck

I review Deborah Eisenberg's latest collection of short stories, "Your Duck is My Duck" in the Financial Times.


June, 2018

Who Will Speak for America

In Who Will Speak for America?, 44 writers attempt to make sense of and respond to our national crisis. My piece, "Three Days," addresses the wild acceleration of the news cycle, which has sown confusion, indifference and forgetfulness about the events of the immediate past. The book is published by Temple University Press, for the benefit of the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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