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The Folly of Mars

n + 1 magazine

"But human beings won’t be going to Mars anytime soon, if ever."

Egypt Notes

n+1 magazine

"A vision of our unsustainable future: too many people, not enough jobs; too many cars, not enough living space; too much refuse, not enough clean water...."

Christopher Morley’s Philadelphia

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Audio Edition of “A Disorder Peculiar to the Country”

"...The sense of motion was overwhelming, imbuing me with the conviction, not for the first time, that my commonplace childhood had ended and that my life of adult adventure was about to begin..."

The View from Lake Como, Washington Post

"...Gogol clearly enjoyed his feed, but it's clear that it was also a source of profound uneasiness..."

Gogol’s Appetites, Adapted from remarks at the 92nd Street Y, New York

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"...Russians revere great books to an extent unfathomable in America -- that is, they actually read them..."

The Literary Guide to the World - Destination: Russia, Salon

"...The city's scale is human, its sights engage the eye at street level, the downtown's compact, and there's always something noshable on the next block. You can spend days, or weeks, exploring Philadelphia without boarding a single wheeled conveyance..."

Philadelphia Streets, Refined and Less So, The New York Times Sophisticated Traveler

"...Today the universe, like every other public facility, is underfunded and carelessly maintained..."

Last Night at the Planetarium, Dumbing Down: Essays on the Strip-Mining of American Culture